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Thread: The Samoan Wrestling Family - The Anoa'i Tree

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    Default The Samoan Wrestling Family - The Anoa'i Tree

    The talk about not fighting a Samoan or else you have to deal with all of them made me look up the family tree in wrestling. It's a long mfer.

    The Anoa'i (SAMOAN) Wrestling Family Tree

    High Chief Peter Maivia with his daughter. He was considered a brother to Afa & Sika's father.

    Afa & Sika Anoa'i, the Wild Samoans

    Samu (Afa's eldest son) and Fatu (Rikishi, his mother was Afa & Sika's sister)

    L.A. Smooth (Lloyd Anoa'i, Afa's middle son)

    Afa Jr. (the youngest)

    Rocky Johnson, married Peter Maivia's daughter

    The Rock (Maivia's grandson, Rocky's son)

    The late Gary Albright (married Afa's 2nd youngest daughter)

    Superfly Jimmy Snuka (married into the family, one of Afa and Sika's sisters I believe, unless that's just a story)

    Former WWE wrestler Deuce and Sim Snuka. (James Jr., Snuka's son)

    Current WWE Diva Tamina Snuka

    The former Rosey in WWE or RO-Z on the indies. (Matt, Sika's oldest son)

    Currently Roman Reigns in WWE as part of THE SHIELD (Joe, Sika's youngest son. He played football at Georgia Tech and was briefly a member of the Minnesota Vikings as an UDFA)

    The Tonga Kid was in WWF in the 80s (brothers with Rikishi, his mom was Afa/Sika's sister)

    The late Umaga in WWE (younger brother to both Fatu & Tonga Kid)

    Currently Jimmy and Jey Uso on WWE TV (Jon and Josh, they're Fatu's sons)

    The late Yokozuna in WWF in the early 90s (Rodney, his father Junior was Afa and Sika's brother)

    On the most recent American Gladiators, he was TOA (a Hollywood stuntman, Tanoai Reed is the Lia Maivia's [Peter's wife] great nephew)

    Pro boxer David Tua is related somehow to Afa & Sika

    Former pro wrestler Black Pearl (Reno Anoa'i, his father is Afa & Sika's oldest brother)

    That's about it. The combined families have about 10-15 more years before they can say they've been in the pro wrestling business for a century…give or take.

    And no…Troy Polamalu is not related to them….

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    The Anoai Family
    Peter Maivia Sr. - The Rock (grandson), Rocky Johnson (son-in-law), Peter Maivia Jr. (son), Toa Maivia (son), Afa (nephew), Sika (nephew), Neff Maivia (cousin), Savelina Fanene (training in NXT), Grand-Uncle of Rikishi, Yokozuna, Umaga, Samu, Rosey, The Black Pearl, Tonga Kid, Roman Reigns, LA Smooth, Manu, Vale Anoai, Great Grand-Uncle of Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Lance Anoai, Jacob Fatu, Tanoai Reed

    Rocky Johnson - The Rock (son), Ricky Johnson (brother), Peter Maivia (father-in-law), Peter Maivia Jr., Toa Maivia (brothers-in-law), Curtis Johnson (son, training to be a wrestler)

    The Rock - Rocky Johnson (father), Peter Maivia (grandfather), Peter Maivia Jr., Toa Maivia, Afa, Sika, Ricky Johnson, Jimmy Snuka, Neff Maivia (uncles), Savelina Fanene, Tamina, Solo Snuka, Rikishi, Umaga, Tonga Kid, Yokozuna, Black Peal, Rosey, Roman Reigns, Samu, Manu, LA Smooth, Vale Anoa'i, Tanoai Reed (cousins), The Uso's, Lance Anoai, Jacob Fatu (second cousins), Curtis Johnson (half brother, training to be a wrestler)

    Wild Samoan Afa - Samu, Manu, LA Smooth (sons), Vale Anoai (daughter), Gary Albright (son-in-law), Sika (brother), Peter Maivia (uncle), Peter Maivia Jr., Toa Maivia (cousins), Lance Anoai (grandson), Rikishi, Umaga, Tonga Kid, Yokozuna, Rosey, Black Pearl, Roman Reigns, The Rock, Solo Snuka, Tamina, Sean Maluta (nephews), Grand-Uncle of The Uso's, Jacob Fatu, Hamo The Samoan Bull (nephew?)

    Wild Samoan Sika - Rosey, Roman Reigns (sons), Afa (brother), Peter Maivia (uncle), Peter Maivia Jr., Toa Maivia (cousins), Rikishi, Umaga, Tonga Kid, Yokozuna, Black Pearl, The Rock, Sika, LA Smooth, Manu, Solo Snuka, Tamina, Sean Maluta (nephews), Vale Anoai (niece), Grand-Uncle of The Uso's, Jacob Fatu, Lance Anoai

    Jimmy Snuka - Solo Snuka (son), Tamina (daughter)

    Rikishi and Tonga Kid are twin brothers. Umaga is also a brother.

    The Uso's are twin brothers, sons of Rikishi. WWE Diva Naomi is married to Jimmy Uso
    Jacob Fatu is Tonga Kid's son.

    Lance Anoai is the son of Samu

    Yokozuna and Black Pearl Reno Anoai are brothers.

    The Fatu's (Rikishi, Tonga Kid, Umaga), Afa's kids (Samu, LA Smooth, Manu, Vale), The Snuka's (Solo, Tamina), Sika's kids (Rosey, Roman Reigns), The Anoa'i Brothers (Yokozuna, Black Pearl), The Rock, Sean Maluta, Tanoai Reed are all cousins

    Haku/Meng has been said to be a "blood brother" to the family, even being dubbed an uncle/cousin of sorts. His sons Camacho and Tama Tonga have been revered as cousins by The Rock.

    Jimmy Snuka was married into the family, he has been revered as an uncle to the second generation of the Anoai/Fatu family as well as to The Rock.

    Cocoa Samoa and Siva Afi were "blood brothers" to Jimmy Snuka, but weren't actually related.

    The Anoai Family has been associated with the WWE since 1977.
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