• No Masters

    No Masters? Say it ain’t so!

    If you believe the responses coming from EA’s Twitter account for their upcoming PGA Tour game, then you believe that one certain course will be missing from the game. Not just any case, but The Masters from Augusta National, will …..

  • LUT Head_edited-1

    Live 15 Ultimate Team Flashback

    Here is some early season NBA Live 15 Ultimate Team footage.  It is impressive how much the game has changed again this year since launch.  Check out the video below to see what it looked like early on! Related posts: …..

  • dage logo

    Dragon Age: Iquisition The Walkthrough Parts 1&2

    “Dragon Age: Inquisition” is the game that many folks called the Game of the Year in 2014.  Some of the users at VSN certainly agree with that statement.  While the game is extremely deep, it is also very simple to …..